Diggerland Team in Solomon Islands

June 27th to July 11th, 2014

A team of 13 youth and young adults from Diggerland Church in Red Cliffs, Victoria, had been praying and preparing to attend the CRC International Youth Jamboree in Honiara, Solomon Islands in June/July 2014. When the Jamboree was cancelled due to the devastating floods that swept through Honiara in April, it didn’t take long for the team, under the leadership of Pr Andre and Ruth Whitton, and Pr Rebekah Milne to decide that they should continue with plans to go to the Solomons with the firm belief that God would bless them and use them to bless the Solomon Islanders, and take ground from the enemy. They were also convinced that God would reveal His awesome power, love and mercy as they went in faith.

The Diggerland team together with a team from Griffiths led by Pr Steve Rand combined together in Honiara at the beginning and end of their trip. For the week in-between they ministered in villages on the island of Malaita. 

They spoke in churches, children’s ministry, women’s and men’s gatherings and a prison. They ministered deliverance, healing, including a lady who was blind in one eye receiving her sight. Many people were born again, baptised in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. This all resulted in a lot of joyous praise and a powerful presence of God in the meetings. Amongst various subjects, they spoke on joy, forgiveness, the presence of God, and a workshop on prophesying and the prophetic. 

This was truly a special trip. The team prepared well and had been praying for some time and were believing for God to use them to bring revival, joy and refreshing to the people they visited in the Solomon’s. It was more than they hoped for. It’s felt that strong bonds were formed, and the team are looking forward to attending the Jamboree next year and visiting Faugwari again.