Building Projects


CRC Missions International has been involved in a number of building projects over the years. We have been involved in building churches, preschools, training buildings and more.

We do not have an overview of every building project we have embarked on here on this website, however, we have included our latest building projects.

Below is a snapshot of the latest building projects that CRC Missions International has been involved in or is currently involved in:

  • The Colombo Project


The Colombo Project

Nation: Sri Lanka

In 2006 Pr Barry Silverback shared the need with the Australian National Executive for a centre for the growing CRC operation in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

It was in 2008 this need was shared with the Australian CRC churches and the Colombo Project was taken up as a movement project. Fundraising began.

In 2010 Pr Neil Milne was asked to visit Colombo. By a miraculous provision of the Lord a very suitable block of land was found in an excellent location in Dehiwala at a very reasonable price.

This block of land was purchased and paid off over the next few years by the generosity of many of our Australian CRC churches.

In 2014 the proposed plans were worked on and in late 2015 building commenced.

The official opening for the building took place on Thursday 30 March, 2017.

It is an excellent facility and will be a great asset for the CRC activities in Sri Lanka and beyond.


To donate towards the Colombo Project please click the link below.

Please email finance@crcmissions.org with notification of your donation and please indicate that you would like it to go towards the Colombo Project.