Colombo Project Update

Pr Neil Milne has accepted the role of spear heading the project. He visited Colombo in November and is taking very effective steps to action the project. 

There has been faithful giving from our churches over the last 4 years which has enabled us to pay for the land and gather nearly $100,000 toward the building.

Soil tests have now been taken in preparation for the start of the building. Working drawing are being finalised and a permit application will be lodged soon. Then building quotes will be called for. 

We are still in need of $300,000-$350,000, to complete the first stage of the project (3 floors), but money is continuing to come in. It is anticipated that the first stage of the building should be completed by early 2016. This would provide 2 residences, meeting hall, children’s ministry area, office and car parking. 

The completion of stage 1 will be an exciting step for the CRC Church in Colombo and would greatly enhance the effectiveness of the whole CRC work in Sri Lanka.