National Missions Day


Each year CRC Missions International holds a National Missions Day. The focus for the National Missions Day changes each year. The purpose of the day is to raise awareness, raise funds and pray for a particular area of CRC ministry throughout the nations.

Below is a snapshot of our National Missions Days to date. Included in each snapshot there is a general overview of the day and various resources that relate to the chosen ministry for that year.

  • 2019 - International Student Sponsorship Program (ISSP)

  • 2018 - Children’s Ministry


National Missions Day 2019

Sunday 28 July, 2019

The focus for the offering on the CRC’s National Missions Day in 2019 is on the International Student Sponsorship Program (ISSP). On Sunday 28 July there will be an opportunity to invest in this valuable ministry through an offering received in each local church. This offering will be sent to the CRC Missions Finance Office and will be forwarded to Bethel Christian Centre, Papua New Guinea (PNG) for the sponsorship of students invited to train in PNG as described below in the letter from Pr Barry Silverback.

Message from our International Missions Director

Around 1986 Bethel Christian Centre in Port Moresby, PNG decided to try and do something for people from developing countries who did not have the opportunity or access to study or training in Christian ministry and service for the Lord. Bethel began ISSP as part of Bethel World Missions in response to this need.

ISSP allows us to recruit people from nations where the Bethel World Missions arm has pioneered CRC ministries. We do not focus on people just from CRC churches, but also those from non-CRC ministries that we either partner with or have some relationship with. In practical terms, this program involves us fully sponsoring students for their medicals, passports, visas, international and domestic airfares, accommodation, and all tuition fees to bring them from their nations to study and be trained at Bethel Bible College, and at a later stage, the World Missions Faith Training School.

Students come for a period of two years. They have the option of a third year of practical field ministry exposure, working alongside Bethel pastors and staff or in one of our other CRC churches in a different province within PNG. Most students return back to their home nation and either work in CRC ministries or in their own denominations from which they originally came from. Some selected graduates stay for a fourth year and became part of the Bethel Christian Centre staff, working in various ministry departments.

Our earliest students came some time before 1987. From 1987 onwards a good number of students began coming to PNG under ISSP. Since the program began until now, we have seen students come from India, the Philippines, Fiji, Indonesia, the Solomon Islands, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Ghana, Tonga, Vanuatu, Australia and New Zealand.

Some of our previous students have become missionaries in other countries outside of their own nations. In 2019 we have one young lady from Ghana and another from Vanuatu who are enrolled in our new Preschool Teacher Training Course. They are sponsored by Bethel under ISSP. When they complete their studies they will return to their nations and take up full-time teaching positions in preschools and primary schools.

When we give an opportunity to an individual who would otherwise not have had any hope of training and developing their desire to serve God, we are investing in their lives by empowering them to be the person God designed them to be and to do the things that will benefit His Kingdom. To give youngmen and women an opportunity to grow, develop and be inspired to be all that God has for them to do is such a worthy cause. I do not know of any greater reward than investing in the future of people’s lives, and seeing the ongoing investment producing results into the future well beyond ourselves.

To actually see young people become true men and women of God, serving with passion and purpose is such an amazing sight. Comparing it with our minuscule time and effort given to mentoring, training and growing their lives is truly what I call ‘the gold’ in life. This is more valuable than position, power, praise and possessions. People’s lives that have been transformed andpositioned for God and His kingdom isthe real gold in a minister’s life. It is aspecific joy to have been part of theirjourney in Christ and that joy continues as we see them walk in partnership with him. The majority of those trained through ISSP have gone on to Christian service in their churches and a majority are now pastors and ministers of the Gospel in their own right.

In my view ISSP must continue for many years to come. It is a wonderful way that individuals and churches can significantly invest in the future of someone’s life. I am deeply moved with this thought and theme – ‘Sow a seed and change a life’. ISSP is an avenue that sows seeds through the training and mentoring program that it provides. What an amazing privilege it is to be a partner with God in this kind of program.

Thank you for considering ISSP as part of the CRC’s National Missions Day 2019.

Pr Barry Silverback 

Suggestions for National Missions Day

  • Focus on our International Vision of a presence in every nation by 2045 and the current progress with this Vision. See the Vision and Mission or the International Strategic Directions section of this website for further details. Brochures are available upon request.

  • Share the above message from Pr Barry with your church regarding the missions offering for ISSP, as well as the video, brochure and PowerPoint found below.

  • Place a major focus on the areas your church is involved with in global missions during the service.

  • There are many great missions resources and ideas available on the Missions Interlink Website. CRC Missions is a members of Missions Interlink.

Further suggestions:    

  • Set up an expo of missions and nations where your church is involved.

  • Encourage everyone to come to church in their national costume/dress.

  • Have an opportunity for people from all different nationalities to perform items (songs or dance) and share testimonies.

  • Provide food after the service from different nations, either free or for sale.

  • Have a section of the service in another language with an interpreter. This may help people appreciate what it is like for those living in Australia who don’t speak English well.

Message Ideas for National Missions Day

  • Genesis 12:1-3 - God proclaims His plan (the Abrahamic Covenant)

  • Exodus 19:6-6 - Participate in God’s Priesthood

  • Psalms 67 - Pursuing His purpose

  • Jonah - The reluctant missionary 

  • Isaiah 54:2 - 3

  • Matthew 28:18-20

  • Act 1:8 - We have a local and global responsibility

  • Revelation 7:9-10 



National Missions Day 2018

The focus for the CRC’s National Missions Day in 2018 was on children’s ministry. 

A wide range of children’s ministries throughout the nations were focused on including feeding programs, the School Assistance Program, preschools and children’s homes among other ministries.

On Sunday 29 July there was be an opportunity to invest in these life transforming ministries through an offering received in each local church. This offering was sent to the CRC Missions Finance Office and distributed, as needed, by the Australian International Missions Team to the various children’s ministries.

Thank you for your generosity.



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