About Us


CRC MISSIONS INTERNATIONAL is the missions arm of CRC Churches International, previously known as The Christian Revival Crusade. CRC Churches International is an established pentecostal denomination that started in New Zealand and Australia, has expanded throughout the Asia Pacific, and now encompasses a global vision.

The CRC Churches International has been raised up by God as a fellowship of local churches and ministers with a purposeful spiritual vision, mission, ministry and set of shared core values.

Our movement (previously known as the National Revival Crusade 1945-1952; Commonwealth Revival Crusade 1952- 1963; and Christian Revival Crusade 1963-1998) began during World War II, offering hope to Australia whose very existence was being threatened. It was birthed with a passion to reach lost people with the gospel of Jesus Christ and to crusade for a national Christian revival with a unique Australian approach to ministry.

In the mid 1980s it was recognised that the CRC, which commenced in Australia and New Zealand in the 1940s, became an inter-connected International Movement with Papua New Guinea being its largest constituent member. In the 1990s CRC Churches International was also operating in the Philippines, China, Solomon Islands, Fiji, Vanuatu and Sri Lanka. With the continuing expansion of the CRC into numerous nations throughout the world, it is anticipated that other national CRC Movements will be invited to join this Association of CRC National Churches.