Ministry Training


CRC Missions International is involved in various forms of ministry training around the world. Training, which includes character development as well as biblical knowledge and practical ministry skills, has always been a significant part of CRC work.

Not only does the CRC offer training for future pastors, we also offer training for future missionaries, preschool teachers and a range of other purposes.

Below is a snapshot of the main ministry trainings that CRC Missions International is involved in:

  • International Student Sponsorship Program

  • Bible School

  • Missions School

  • Preschool Teacher Training

  • Leadership Ministry School

  • Ministry Internship

  • Missions Education Courses


International Student Sponsorship Program

The International Student Sponsorship Program (ISSP) provides a unique cross-cultural preparation and training opportunity. Students from various countries are sponsored for ministry training in Papua New Guinea for up to three years before returning to their home country or being sent as missionaries to another field.

Countries from which students have been trained include the Philippines, Solomon Islands, Fiji, Pakistan, India, the United States of America, Australia, Indonesia, Vanuatu, Sri Lanka and more.


Bible School

Nations: Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Australia, India, Fiji and Indonesia

Papua New Guinea

Bethel Bible School is the first and the oldest school (formerly Crusade Bible School) at Bethel Centre started in 1974. It serves to train Christian men and women across all denominations and walks of life, who love the Lord Jesus and desire to study His Word.

Bethel Bible College is a two year live in program with the first year understudying the World Missions Faith Training School Curriculum. This full-time Ministry Training College provides a unique opportunity for specialised study and preparation for ministry. Students come from many countries to participate. The unique environment of cross-cultural relationships provides an ideal setting for an active discipleship school

Bethel Women’s School of Ministry was started to meet the needs of women in all spheres of life. It aims to ground women deeply in the Word of God for effective ministry, to handle difficulties encountered and to make appropriate application of the Word of God in their personal, family and everyday lives. It is open to ladies (single and married) from all denominations.

Frontier Evangelism Institute, formerly known as PNG Institute of Evangelism (PNGIE), is a six month course designed to prepare and equip men and women to be effective in frontier ministry, evangelism, church planting and pioneering. It has been the catalyst in planting churches in the pioneering days.


The Philippines School of Ministry (PSOM) began in 1991. PSOM is situated in Cebu where it is operating in Danao City, Cebu. It caters for students from CRC Churches in the Philippines and also from other Christian denominations. PSOM offers a two year live in intensive training program covering three main aspects to give the trainees a board development. There is a minimum of six months of practicum ministry expression. There is also teaching and training to equip the students through the Word of God in character, conduct and competence.


CRC Training offers an accredited Bachelor of Ministry, Diploma of Christian Studies and a Diploma of Ministry including numerous streams such as Missions, Worship, Kids, Youth and the Credential Pathway.


The CRC Bible School in India runs each year.


The Fiji School of Discipleship runs each year at our national centre in Suva.


The CRC Bible School is located in Papua, Indonesia and runs each year.


Missions School

Nations: Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Philippines, India And Solomon Islands

Papua New Guinea

World Missions Faith Training School has been running in Papua New Guinea since 1999. It aims to educate and train those who have a desire to become missionaries and/or who want to promote and support missions in the local church. This vision was given by God to Ps Barry Silverback, International Missions Director of CRC Churches International. This school offers direction and purpose to those who desire to see missions take a more prominent place within their own lives and the life of their church.


World Missions Faith Training School has been running in Vanuatu since 2016. The school is situated in Banban area on Espiritu Santo Island. World Missions Faith Training School offers training for 12 months. Students live at the School during their training. Students study an International Missions Course on servant hood, submission, faith, sacrifice and more.


World Missions Faith Training School in the Philippines is located in the Luzon region and runs periodically. The course content is very much the same as the other World Missions Faith Training Schools.


Our Missions School in India exposes men and women to the missionary mandate, informing, training, preparing and inspiring them to become missionaries around the world.

Solomon Islands

Gateway Missions School runs each year at our national centre in Honiara. The School began in 2012 and has trained students from all denominations across the Solomon Islands.


Preschool Teacher Training

Nation: Papua New Guinea and Fiji

Papua New Guinea

Bethel Preschool Teacher Training commenced in 2019. Viema Vakacegu, a Fijian missionary and qualified preschool teacher, is the course coordinator for this program with the assistance of a national staff. Students from various countries come to Bethel Centre in Port Moresby to participate in the course.


Annual Preschool Teacher Training Workshops have been running in Fiji for a number of years. These workshops are well received by teachers within Bethel Crusade Preschools as well as those teaching in other preschools.

Our formal Preschool Teacher Training course is set to commence in Fiji in 2020. The course will be the same one run in Papua New Guinea and is aimed at better equipping our Bethel Crusade Preschool teachers.


Leaders Ministry School

Nations: India, Philippines and Sri Lanka

These courses are conducted in India, the Philippines and Sri Lanka occasionally when they are planned. The schools are short-term, intensive, and focus on the key aspects of ministry. Pastors and leaders from many denominations attend.


Ministry Internship

Nation: Papua New Guinea

Bethel Ministry Internship began in 2019 and is run at Bethel Centre in Port Moresby. It is aimed at equipping effective followers of Christ and well-trained leaders who are able to lead others in life and ministry. The expectation is that each student/intern will be taught the fundamentals of the faith in a way that will transform their life and character, and truly prepare them to fulfil the call of God in their lives.


Missions Education Courses

We offer two short-term courses for education on missions. These are Kairos and Unfinished Task. Kairos runs for eight weeks and is designed to educate, inspire and challenge Christians to active and meaningful participation. It looks at the four main areas of mission concern which are the Biblical, Historical, Strategic and Cultural dimensions of mission. Unfinished Task is slightly shorter and runs for four weeks.

Contact the National Missions Office for details regarding courses in your state.


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