Typhoon Pam Vanuatu

Typhoon Pam hit Port Vila, the capital of Vanuatu, on Friday 13 March 2015, causing immense damage to buildings and vegetation. Many buildings lost their roof and then there was considerable rain damage to household goods.

CRC Pastors Greg Crome and Bill Brill, who have close connections with Vanuatu, got into action quickly to help. Field Supporter Pr Greg Crome visited Vanuatu within a week of the typhoon to help access the need. Pr Bill Brill made contact with a Cristian organisation ‘Liberty for the Nation’, who have worked extensively in Vanuatu. Containers of supplies and roofing materials have now been sent.

Pr Remy Adams, the CRC national leader in Vanuatu, has identified forty-nine churches and houses that need major roof repairs. These will all be done in the near future, due to the generosity of CRC Churches in Australia and PNG. Within the first month of the typhoon Australian CRC Churches had raised over $30,000.