International Strategic Directions




We believe that God will work through His living, authoritative and relevant Bible.


We believe in the God-inspired multiplication strategy of covering the earth with churches


We believe in connected, cooperative and accountable ministers and churches.


We believe in the liberating power of the New Creation Message that secures and strengthens our foundations in Christ.


We believe in a Gospel-centred and grace-pervading Christian message that must never be added to or changed.


We believe in a balance between the ‘Word’ and the ‘Spirit’ as we express our dependence on Jesus Christ.


We believe that our churches should be creative and culturally relevant while remaining doctrinally pure.


We believe in pursuing unity and walking in love in our churches and amongst our ministers.


We believe in a forward-moving and daring faith that undergirds everything we do for Jesus Christ.


We believe in the call and cost of Christ-appointed ministers who willingly embrace sacrificial servant-hood as a way of life.



Evangelism and Discipleship

Each nation to make disciples of Christ who outwork the Great Commandment and the Great Commission.

Strategy – we will achieve this by:

Local churches:

  • Outworking a disciple-making strategy to lead people to become followers of Christ.

  • Planning outreach activities into local communities.

Pastors/ Leaders:

  • Modelling and teaching evangelism so that churches grow primarily through new converts to Christ.

  • Training people to share their faith. 

Planting Churches

Transform villages, towns and cities by planting self-reproducing local churches.

Strategy – we will achieve this by:

Each nation:

  • Providing training for potential church planters.

  • Outworking the New Testament pattern of planting churches as apostolic operational bases for further church planting.

  • Establishing a CRC organisational presence in new nations with churches that are focused on being apostolic operational bases.

Ministry Training

Multiply leaders and ministers for long term service.

Strategy – we will achieve this by:

Each nation:

  • Establishing training programs that are Bible-based, Christ-centred, Holy Spirit empowered and taught by trained Christian leaders.

  • Promoting life-long learning opportunities.

  • Implementing training and credentialing for pastors.

Messengers to the Nations

Each nation recruit, train, send and support commissioned workers to other nations of the world.

Strategy – we will achieve this by:

  • Churches adopting and praying for other nations.

  • Nations establishing missionary training and deploying commissioned personnel.

  • Creating a financial support base for these personnel.

  • Connecting with potential leaders from other nations that are currently in our nation, to prepare them for church planting in their home country.

  • Identifying cross-cultural opportunities to share the gospel in each local community. 

Connecting Leaders

Build effective leadership networks in each nation to facilitate the CRC international vision.

Strategy – we will achieve this by:

  • Conducting an annual International Leaders Gathering for leaders and pastors involved across the nations, for prayer, planning, updates, sharing, fellowship and encouragement.

  • Conducting regional meetings for localised initiatives.

  • Developing a functional leadership structure that co-ordinates the implementation of our vision throughout the world.

  • Developing regional leaders to co-ordinate the help our Field Supporters provide. 

Christian Education

Establish high quality Christian education whereby students are exposed to a God-centred foundation for living.

Strategy – we will achieve this by:

  • Developing Preschools, Primary and Secondary Schools.

  • Providing teacher training opportunities in early childhood, primary and secondary education.

Empowering the Needy

Empower the poor and disadvantaged to break the poverty cycle so that they can contribute to their community and beyond.

Strategy – we will achieve this by:

  • Establishing Non-Government Organisations (NGO) and other development centres and relief programs that will:

  • Implement projects that empower local communities to improve their living conditions.

  • Provide emergency financial relief, medical and rehabilitation services.

  • Educate local communities in health care, sanitation and water purification.

  • Implement programs to restore people from the ravages of substance abuse.

  • Partner with local churches and communities to create development programs that help children living in poverty.

  • Form teams to work with local people to build, repair and maintain infrastructure.

  • Provide vocational training centres.

Shaping Generations

Each nation develop appropriate programs for reaching and discipling children and youth to become fully devoted followers of Christ.

Strategy – we will achieve this by:

  • Churches having effective children and youth ministries by:

  • Equipping pastors and leaders to develop effective children’s and youth ministries.

  • Providing opportunities for children’s and youth workers to be properly trained.