General Information

Capital City: Port Vila

Population: 0.3 million

Ethnic Groups: Melanesian 99.2%, non-Melanesian 0.8% (2016 est.)

Languages: local languages (more than 100) 63.2%, Bislama (official; creole) 33.7%, English (official) 2%, French (official) 0.6%, other 0.5%(2009 est.)

Religions: Protestant 70% (includes Presbyterian 27.9%, Anglican 15.1%, Seventh Day Adventist 12.5%, Assemblies of God 4.7%, Church of Christ 4.5%, Neil Thomas Ministry 3.1%, and Apostolic 2.2%), Roman Catholic 12.4%, customary beliefs 3.7% (including Jon Frum cargo cult), other 12.6%, none 1.1%, unspecified 0.2% (2009 est.)

Please Note: All data sourced from the Population Reference Bureau and the CIA World Fact Book

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The CRC IN Vanuatu

Pr Thompson Aki from Vanuatu first met Pr Barry Silverback at a CRC Conference in Albury, Australia. As a result of this meeting he visited Bethel Christian Centre in Papua New Guinea and soon afterwards decided to join CRC Churches International. Pr Thompson joined with Pr Remy Adams and his family to start a house church. They also planned for the first CRC church to begin in Port Vila.

The CRC was invited to re-establish a Bible School located near Luganville on the northern island of Espiritu Santo. In April 1997, Geno Manage from Papua New Guinea and Pr Bill Brill from Australia went to the island to prepare the neglected school grounds and buildings. Seven students graduated from the first intake of Living Stone School of Evangelism. Pr Geno and his wife Eleina were the first Principals. They were followed by Samuel Reddy from Fiji. He was assisted by Papua New Guinean missionary Gill Michael.

Since 1996 numerous Ni Vanuatu students have trained in Papua New Guinea at Bethel Christian Centre. Peter Saimon is one of these people. Peter, together with his Papua New Guinean wife Rachel, later became Principal of the Bible School, which was renamed the John William Bible School (after a pioneering English missionary). In 2007 Peter and Rachel moved to Port Vila to work with Pr Thompson and Papua New Guinean missionary Pr John Weimani was appointed as the next Principal.

In 2008 Pr Thompson decided to withdraw from the CRC. Pr Remy took over the role of National Leader in 2009 and he continues to pastor Port Vila Christian Centre. There are currently four local CRC churches throughout Vanuatu, as well as World Missions Faith Training School. John William Bible School became World Missions Faith Training School in 2016.

The CRC in Vanuatu has a vision to have a presence in the six provinces of Vanuatu. The key strategic direction is to train local leaders to reach out to the people groups of this untouched island paradise. In addition to ministry training, the CRC in Vanuatu have established two preschools. These preschools are located in Port Vila and Eratap.


CRC National Leader

Pr Remy Adams

Field Supporter

Pr Greg Crome


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