27th March 2015,

A brief report of the cyclone Pam

Dear Papa and CRC families,

Greetings to you all in Jesus most powerful name. I just received electricity power in my home this week on Wednesday since cyclone was damaging Port-Vila and other parts of Vanuatu, electricity was cut off for some time in Town. Today I’m able to send this report to you.

Thank you for all your prayers, prayer works and prayer saves. Because of your prayers, we had a minor number of deaths in this cyclone in our Nation and my family and the church members are safe.

On the 11th of March I flow back to Vila from visiting our Bible in Santo and it was the last fly that the airline told me when I went to reject my flight. The wind start to blow, the media start to announce the cyclone warning in the region. When waiting at the airport in Santo my wife called me and said are you still coming and I said yes I’m at the airport.


The CRC church roof that’s on our verandah was blown off


I had to evacuate my daughter Alanna in the Presbyterian boarding school in north of Port-Vila. Now the school was badly damaged.
Then on Friday 13th March the cyclone hit us, the power was very strong, we were 15 in the house, my family and the students that we sheltered them while they are studying in Vila.
During the cyclone my wife was working in the emergency standby in the main hospital in Port-Vila, and they had been working till morning.

Some of our members lost their houses, Deacon Henry with his daughter

During Pr. Greg’s visit on Saturday 21st March 27, 2015

We had a church service on Sunday 22nd March in the open air with the Tarpaulin roof. Majority of our members came to the church event they faced the damages in their home. In the midst of the persecutions, they had understood that Jesus is the sure hope and sure shelter.

On Sunday afternoon Greg and I and brother Ilan one of our church members went to have a meeting with Pr. Steve Blake concerning the rebuilding of the houses that had been damaged by cyclone Pam. Pr. Steve is a good friend of Pr. Bill Brill and I knew him cause in some years ago he’s been preaching in our church in Port-Vila. He builds several Christian schools in the Nation. His organization calls “Liberty for the Nation”. They want to provide the roofing sheets for the churches that were blown off, also for the other personal houses of the members and others. I agreed with the outcome of the meeting, and the way Steve explained it and it touched my heart because it will be a big help for those whose lost their roofs especially our widows. I‘ll work on the project and will send to Greg and he’ll Submit to Steve, that’s what Steve said.

We also went to visit our outreach church in Eratap with his preschool, East of the Port-Vila. The roof was damaged also, just a local materials. Today we supply black plastic to them to cover the roof so that next week they can start their classes; they have English and French preschool in the area.

The house of Ruth, the lady that stands at the right of the children, her house was damaged also. She’s looking after the preschool with other 2 teachers French and English. Loreen went there to have a church service with them every Sunday morning.

And on Tuesday Greg, Loreen, my daughter and my son Alfred, Yanick and I, we went to visit Pr. Amy Henry, that look after our CRC church in Emau. And when we were close to the island by boat, I was very move and touch by what was caused by cyclone Pam. Emau is a small island situated in north of Port-Vila, it’s got 6 villages in the island and that where I came from and my family live in this island. Majority of our church members in Vila, have their family live in the island and we had done a lot of crusades and the other spiritual program in the island, so I really feel sorry for those people. The damages were very bad, in 6 or year people start to see leafs in the trees cause no leafs, no gardens, no coconuts fruits, no fruits tree, this island depend on rain water no supply water.

After clear up every things in the Port-Vila CRC church


some pictures of the damages in Emau


CRC church building in Mapua village Emau Island

Community is working to clear the road

The government and NGO and the other organization, they now started to provide basic aids, like foods, waters and garden tools, seeds, Tarpaulin, clothes and other things.

This coming Sunday 29th March, I will have a meeting with our leaders to put in place a relief committee to distribute some foods and other things to the affected people in Vila and Emau and others who were badly damaged. And also look to a project of roofing to help rebuild the houses.

Pr. Army Henry with Pr. Greg discussing

Please continue to prayer for our Nation, and especially the people that they badly damaged. Prayer that through this strategy, more people will give their life to Jesus.

Our Bible school Santo:

The bible school was okay, no damages, and the school is continuing their lectures. This year we have 7 students.

Thank you very much for your prayers and helps.

God bless,

Pr. Remy Adams