General Information

Capital City: Canberra

Population: 24.1 million

Ethnic Groups: English 25.9%, Australian 25.4%, Irish 7.5%, Scottish 6.4%, Italian 3.3%, German 3.2%, Chinese 3.1%, Indian 1.4%, Greek 1.4%, Dutch 1.2%, other 15.8% (includes Australian aboriginal 0.5%), unspecified 5.4% (2011 est.)

Languages: English 72.7%, Mandarin 2.5%, Arabic 1.4%, Cantonese 1.2%, Vietnamese 1.2%, Italian 1.2%, Greek 1%, other 14.8%, unspecified 6.5% (2016 est.)

Religions: Protestant 23.1% (Anglican 13.3%, Uniting Church 3.7%, Presbyterian and Reformed 2.3%, Baptist 1.5%, Pentecostal 1.1%, Lutheran 0.7%, other Protestant 0.5%), Roman Catholic 22.6%, other Christian 4.2%, Muslim 2.6%, Buddhist 2.4%, Orthodox 2.3% (Eastern Orthodox 2.1%, Oriental Orthodox 0.2%), Hindu 1.9%, other 1.3%, none 30.1%, unspecified 9.6% (2016 est.)

All data sourced from the Population Reference Bureau and the CIA World Fact Book

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The CRC IN Australia

Our vision is to expand the Kingdom of Jesus Christ on earth by creating Bible-based contemporary local churches and ministries (Acts 1:8).

The first Australian CRC church began in 1945 in Adelaide. Since then CRC churches in Australia have expanded to reach every state and territory within the nation.

Ministry training has been a major focus of the CRC throughout the world. In Australia, the CRC College of Ministry is the current training organisation. Their mission is to produce Christ-following disciples who will create churches and change worlds.


CRC National Leader

Pr Bill Vasilakis


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